Hello everyone!
Here is part 2 for ASMR WITH FANS 😀 I’m very happy that you guys like part 1! Many new talented asmrtists to discover in this video as well! Thank you all for your video submissions and thank you for being such a supportive positive community :))

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted videos! I would never have the heart to turn a video submission away so if you don’t see your video in part 1 or 2, then it is definitely in the other parts 😀 I will space each part, two days apart.

Be sure to check out part one if you haven’t💖:

Glasses I am wearing from 👓
Ottoto Moran –

My Instagram @_clalaves_

Thank you to Roland for making my thumbnails for this series 🥺💖

– How can I join this next time? I didn’t know about it at all.
I post announcements like these on my Instagram stories (@_clalaves) and also on my youtube community tab 😀
– Can I still submit videos for the other parts?
Unfortunately, submissions are already closed!
– When is part 3 coming out?
Two days after part 2